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 Meet Tami

Tami is a heart-centered, kind and accurate Healing Medium. It is her purpose in life to consciously help others reconnect & rediscover their soul, while being true to themselves. By creating sacred space she can guide you through your awakening process, while helping you mindfully navigate your inner voice.


With the ability to “See” & “Heal” she can assist you in the healing and translating of past lives, to better fuel your purpose in this one. Her gifts allow her to help guide you to find your true passion in life, while reconnecting you with your spirit guides. Connection and inclusion is her goal, so everyone can feel safe just being exactly who they are. With a community of light workers, healers & intuition for intuitives, self exploration feels a little easier. Self discovery is the most powerful way to expand and heal all of consciousness.


“Be the light you wish to see in the world”

Join us!

Soul Reading
60 min. 
Celestial Healing
60 min. 
Mediumship Reading
60 min. 
Reading & Healing 
90 min. 
60 min. 

Top Rated



I have had a healing session with Tami before and it was amazing. I didn't know what to expect for a second one but I knew there was still healing needed. During this second healing session, I felt safe and guided to find strength and light through healing. Tami's kindness, knowledge and mediumship have helped me connect with ancestors and open my heart.Thank you Tami



Tami is a gifted Intuitive Artist and Medium. She did two readings for me to connect me with my parents that were spot on. I was especially grateful to receive messages from my Father who I didn’t have a chance to get to know as he passed on when I was very young.



Tami is highly intuitive, and as a skeptic of all things non-western scientific, I can now say I believe in mediums. The day after our zoom meeting, one of Tami’s observations was confirmed with an unexpected Viber message from my Dad. Tami also gave me practical suggestions on ways I could choose to work with my energy, insights and relationships, as well as the energy that surrounds us all.

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